Throwing a birthday party for your kid on a small budget is a situation every parent has to tackle. To make their kid happy, most parents end up spending a small fortune on birthday parties, pulling out all the stops to plan the perfect party.

However, if a big party packed with numerous activities does not fall in your budget, do not fret! Below are the things on which you can save money and still throw a fabulous birthday bash without breaking your bank account.


Most parents go all out and rent a space for their kid’s birthday. This is the place where you can save a lot of money, by hosting the party in your home. Most people usually prefer to host birthday parties in their front lawn or backyard to give the kids a place to run around and have fun. Venues in UK cost from £130 to £500, which is a dizzying amount to say the least.

Though, partying at home will mean that you will have to take care of all the details from setup to cleanup, entertainment and food. However, you can hire a cheap maid service that will cost around £50.

Cost of hosting the party at your home: £0 (~£50 if your hire a maid service)

Party Entertainment

If your kid’s birthday comes during summer, fall or spring, you can arrange a number of activities outdoors. You can organize relay races or set up games such as tug-of-war or ring toss, among others. You can even ask the guests to bring their swimsuits to play water balloon fight. Best of all, you can ask your friends to lend you some interactive games like Twister and divide the children into two teams to make the game more interesting. To organize these activities or even buy one, it will not cost you more than £20.

If you do not have a backyard to throw the party, then there are some fun filled games you can play indoors:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Movie Screenings
  • Crafts
  • Puppet Shows

Cost of entertainment: Outdoors £10 to £20 and Indoors £10 to £50.

Birthday Party Bags

It has become a tradition to send guests home with a small birthday party bag. Buying candies or toys for children can cost you more than £50. This does not mean you forego the treats. If craft making was a part of your entertainment, send the guests home with their creations and a balloon.

Cost of birthday party bags: £0

Party Decorations

Every party requires decorations. Do not go for something huge by organizing a theme party and taking out your china. Decorate the place with a banner and latex balloons. Go for party poppers because it is one of the things kids love most. As for the tableware, you can buy colourful plastic plates, cups, utensils and napkins for £20.

Cost of decorations: Less than £50


Children are quiet picky when it comes to food. A birthday party cannot survive on finger food and if you factor in food allergies, you have a problem at your hands. Go for the easy food, which every kid loves—Macaroni and cheese. Bake the cake at home with the ready-to-make cake boxes and buy snacks like chips, biscuits, pretzels and cookies.

Cost of food: Less than £80

Low cost birthdays usually require more leg work. However, throwing one at home and using the above ideas will help you significantly in saving money.…

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You may need to file for bankruptcy in certain circumstances when your creditors send you more bills that you have the financial capability of paying or after having become insolvent.  This may be for the following reasons

You Cannot Keep Up With Your Ever Increasing Debt

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Losing Most If Not All Of Your Property

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To lose all of one’s property and watch it being auctioned off in front of one’s own eyes is certainly not a pleasant experience, so make sure that you do this only and only if you have no other viable options.

Explore Other Options As Well

Regardless of how desperate a situation may seem, there are generally other options available. If its debts that are creating a problem, then you may consider hiring the services of a credit management agency that will help you discharge your debt obligations in an orderly manner.  Alternately you may talk to your creditors on your own and try and convince them to give you more time.  Then there are friends and family members you may approach who just might be able to help tide you over till you regain your financial footing.…